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Saturday, October 9, 2010

[3d model]volkswagen beetle 3d model

Hi, Jules here its has been a long time i have posted here but im back and will cont. to post alot 3D work here. Me and my friends are now working on a short film animation and we call our group as Black Artz Design

Okay now back to the topic, here is somthing i have been working on a 3D model in maya; im sure u can guess the car name volkswagen beetle. Been working on it for some days just getting the right shape of the volkswagen beetle. The volkswagen beetle has a good shape, had a little hard time modeling the volkswagen beetle in Maya

Soon ill start the texture on the volkswagen beetle and soon give some rig and animation to it to make live and make some 3D animation clip

And here are some picture of it (volkswagen beetle) some screen shots

volkswagen beetle 3d model

volkswagen beetle 3D model maya

And here are some images of REAL volkswagen beetle if some of you dont know how the car looks

volkswagen beetle

volkswagen beetle

volkswagen beetle

volkswagen beetle

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