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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mickey Mouse - The Band Concert

Mickey Mouse - The Band Concert

The Band Concert is a 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon short, produced by Walt Disney Productions. Distributed by RKO Pictures, it was released on February 23, 1935. It was the first Mickey Mouse short to be released in Technicolor. The short was directed by an uncredited Wilfred Jackson, with animation by Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi, Ugo D'Orsi, Cy Young, Wolfgang Reitherman, Les Clark, Dick Huemer, and Roy Williams

Mickey Mouse - The Band Concert


Mickey's orchestra has the following lineup: Goofy (clarinet) and a similar character (Gideon Goat?) (trombone), Clarabelle Cow (flute), Horace Horsecollar (percussion), Peter Pig (trumpet), and Paddy Pig (tuba).

The orchestra is performing Rossini's William Tell Overture, but then Donald Duck (in his third appearance in a Mickey cartoon) appears selling ice cream. Uninvited, Donald takes out his flute and distracts the band into playing "Turkey in the Straw". Mickey tries to get rid of Donald by destroying his flute but it turns out the Duck has plenty of replacement flutes on hand. A mischievous bee also disturbs Donald and the rest of the musicians.

As the cartoon continues, Mickey's band plays "The Storm" from the overture which seemingly summons an actual tornado, prompting the audience and Donald to run for their lives. Donald ends up being braided into a couple of trees. Despite being swept into the air, the Band continues playing regardless, even despite being flung into a tree. Donald plays "Turkey in the Straw" again with another flute, finishing the final notes after another band member throws a tuba on top of him.

The version of the William Tell Overture played in this cartoon is somewhat abridged to account for Donald's interruptions of the concert. It is also notable for being played out of order, starting with the Lone Ranger Finale, continuing with the Ranz des Vaches "Daybreak" movement, and ending with the Prelude and Storm movements as the skies darken and the tornado sweeps the musicians into the air.

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