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Monday, March 7, 2011

New characters from Kung Fu Panda 2

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New characters from Kung Fu Panda 2


The Soothsayer is a goat and a confirmed character for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda sequel: Kung Fu Panda

Soothsayer, Soothsayer kung fu panda, Soothsayer  wallpeper, Soothsayer  poster
Blessed with second sight and a generous heart, the Soothsayer is a prisoner of both. Once nanny to a sickly peacock, she found herself giving him what his parents withheld - love. She found that her love tempered the young peacock's growing ambition - until twenty years ago, when a fortune she told him lead to a horrific chain of events. For years she has lived with the burden of her guilt, tempered by a finely honed fatalistic sense of humor that comforts her as she awaits the events she foretold - events that she hopes will redeem both her adopted child and herself.
The aged Soothsayer has been advisor to the Peacocks, rulers of Gongmen City, her entire life. She is wise and gifted with knowledge of the future. She speaks in riddles and nonsense, which can be easily (and foolishly) dismissed by those who do not realize her power. She has lived with the burden of a dark prediction she made years ago. Her redemption lies in a warrior of black and white - Po.

Fighting Style
Like Mr. Ping, the Soothsayer doesn't fight; she wins over opponents with love and a good sense of humor. Her extraordinary gift of second sight gives her insight in the true nature of any and all that she encounters.

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