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Sunday, September 18, 2011

3D animation films to be showcased in IFFI 2011

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3D animation films are all set to make a splash at IFFI 2011 in Goa with projection technology at the festival venues being enhanced to showcase these new generation digital movies.

"This year, 3D animation films would be brought in the festival. Its (3D) a special category which is in the evolutionary stage," IFFI's Steering Committee Chief Mike Pandey told reporters here.

He said these films would be showcased in theatres where there is projection facility to support the format.

"This technology is less expensive," said Pandey, a well known wildlife filmmaker. Films like Avatar made with 3D technology have been a big success and highest revenue puller, he said.

The Steering Committee of experts, which has been constituted to weed out the possible bottlenecks, met today and decided on various aspects of the festival.

The Committee also has well known filmmakers including Shaji N Karun and A K Bir on it, who are guiding the organisers on the holding of the festival.

The festival deviating from its conventional format has also decided to hold competitions like 'One minute film' organised by Indian Documentary Producers Association (IDPA).

The young filmmakers would have to produce a one minute film on 'Incredible India, which would be considered for the competition in the festival, Pandey said.

IFFI 2011 would be held in Goa from November 23-December 2 in Panaji and Margao.

Also, the International Film Festival of India is going to have a complete makeover with the proper branding of the event to ensure that there is uniformity in everything.

IFFI Director Shankar Mohan told reporters today that from this year onwards the fest would be more global and people-friendly.

"We will be introducing open air screening of the movies for non-delegates," he said.

The decision of making IFFI more people-friendly was taken in the high level meeting held here under chairmanship of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.

Mohan said that attempts are made to have a complete face-change of the festival.

"There will be uniformity in the design. Also, the entire film festival will have uniform theme," the director said adding there would be proper logo and colour scheme for IFFI.

Mohan said the inaugural ceremony would be held in Margao city in the state-run Ravindra Bhavan auditorium while concluding ceremony would be held at Kala Academy in the capital city.

The IFFI organisers admitted that there are certain logistical concerns as both the venues Margao and Panaji, are situated 40 kms away from each other.

"We are trying to address those concerns," he said. State Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava said the formal MoU between Goa government and Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting would be signed on September 9.

The MOU is finalised and Goa has been retained as a permanent venue for the festival, Srivastava said clarifying the doubts over the future of the festival in the state. Goa has been hosting IFFI since 2004, when the festival traveled here from Delhi.

The state government has formed Entertainment Society of Goa, a nodal agency that works for the organization of the mega-event in association with Union I & B Ministrys Directorate of Film Festival.