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Friday, September 9, 2011

FIFA 12 Career Mode | Form and Morale video

FIFA 12, Career Mode,  Form and Morale, video, wallpaper, poster, cover

Simon Humber, Creative Director on FIFA 12, talks us through one of the new features in this year's Career Mode.

As you may have have gathered from Myself and Tom’s Career Mode impressions, we’re very excited about offline FIFA 12 modes this year and in my eyes certainly, Creative Director Simon Humber can literally do no wrong as he’s ended three years of personal torment. The video below takes us through the new form, morale and player energy systems which are all revamped for FIFA 12. Other obvious things to look out for are the incredibly polished menu design, the player stories which pop up throughout Career Mode, the new Squad Report screens (Anelka/Benayoun) and the new colour coded player attributes.