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Friday, November 25, 2011

Studio | BarXseven

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From BarXseven


BarXseven is a visual effects and animation company based in Montreal, Canada and boasts a dynamic group of talented 2D and 3D artists who are recognized for their extremely creative yet difficult shots.  From pre-visualization to post production and concept to completion, BarXseven delivers stunning high-end shots for feature films and television that demonstrate an extreme attention to detail.At BarXseven we take pride in tailoring our work to suit the needs of our clients and we work hard to get the work done. Our professionalism, creative drive and meticulousness ensure our clients are getting exactly what they are after. We’re not ashamed to admit we believe our VFX are some of the most impressive in the industry.


4001 Rue Berri, suite 202
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 4H2
Tel: (438) 380 – 8807