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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blender | Making Shadeless Materials for Cycles

 Blender, Making, Shadeless Materials, Cycles
This quick tip on making shadeless materials for Cycles in Blender!

In this quick tip by Jonathan Williamson  CG Cookie shows you how to create materials for Cycles in Blender that are completely shadeless; e.g. they do not receive shadowing or highlights. Shadeless materials are very useful for rendering a scene with a background image or any other numerous uses.

What you'll learn:

Through this short video tutorial you will learn how to setup shadeless materials in Cycles by using an emit shader and light paths. You will see a quick demonstration of what light paths do and even get a small tease of what our Eat Sheep project looks like at the time of this recording!

Making Shadeless Materials for Cycles in Blender

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