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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tech | Wacom Intuos 5 | Launch | Featues

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With the new multi-touch surface (only with Intuos5 touch pen tablets), you can take advantage of the touch capabilities built into Windows7 and Mac OS X Lion. Pan, rotate, navigate at the touch of your fingers while editing your pictures, painting, drawing or designing. Intuos5 continues its professional heritage by giving you the opportunity to customise gestures as well as create application-specific settings for each gesture.

Wacom Launches New Intuos5 Touch

The new Express View Display allows you to access and view all pen tablet settings on your monitor. See how your Express Keys are assigned, the pressure curve of your pen is set and which gestures are currently accessible without switching applications. The Express View appears as an overlay at the edge of your current screen, which allows you to quickly review and change your settings. Stay focused on your work and don’t get distracted by looking down to check your settings anymore.

Intuos5 has been redesigned to be even more comfortable and ergonomically. Its new soft-touch surface is a real relief after hours of work while its matte-black finish reduces annoying reflections and let you concentrate on your screen. Additionally, four small L-shaped LED lights subtly indicate the active area for pen and touch (pen area on Intuos5 only) that gives you visual guidance without being a distraction.


Intuos5 has several characteristics in terms of productivity that will save you time, as the four key functions of the Touch Ring and ExpressKeys that can be customized to suit your shortcuts and modifiers to your favorite applications. The new display innovative Express View provides a reminder of your ExpressKeys settings on the screen so you can stay focused on your screen and your work.