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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video | Bringing Alien Worlds to Life in 'John Carter'

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Still left to watch the movie, But some friends say the story of  John Carter the movie is quiet bad, but says the VFX is kickass or in better words the Best on screen till now.

TheDaily posted a video on youtube about Bringing Alien Worlds to Life in 'John Carter' John Carter. Were they got some behind the scenes, greens screen. Some VFX breakdowns for the moving city in the John Carter movie.

Video | Bringing Alien Worlds to Life in 'John Carter'

It might seem odd to picture a mile-long city crawling along the surface of Mars, if not for the 12-foot tall barbarians, fantastic environments and exotic creatures also featured in Andrew Stanton’s “John Carter.”

The new Disney/Pixar film tells the story of a Civil War veteran transported to Mars in Stanton’s first live-action effort after directing the classics “Wall-E” and “Finding Nemo.”

Hundreds of visual effects shots were required to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series — written in the early 1900s — to the screen, thanks to artists at Double Negative, Cinesite, MPC and Nvizible.

Cinesite animated complex computer-generated geometry, including 674 legs, to create the walking city known as Zodanga, which moves along Mars as a giant mining machine.

The visual effects team also placed live-action actors shot against green screens inside Zodanga, and then added in scores of details such as towers, tents, tables, dust, flying ships and even motion-captured city-dwellers.

“This was big, big scale,” Cinesite production director Courtney Vanderslice told The Daily, “and the challenge really was, can we render it and actually get it through the pipeline?”

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