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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BreakDowns | The Making of UFC Evolution | Digital Domain

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The above image is of  Digital Domain.

Here's a breakdown of the elements Digital Domain  used to create the new UFC show opener, "Evolution".James Atkinson  served as VFX Supervisor, with Neil Huxley directing and Karl Denham as CG supervisor (full list below). The process began with rotoscoping archival footage to create mattes for the fighters (some of which standard def and quite old). They then previzualized CG action to fit the fight moments and build a narrative of destruction and creation. Compositing the fighters to fit in this new environment was a painstaking process involving hundreds of FX and CG elements.

BreakDowns | The Making of UFC Evolution ( the owner of the video disabled posting video Watch it HERE )

The DD crew:
Karl Denham CG Supervisor
Kait Boehm Senior Producer
William Lemmon Producer
Fred Fouquet Editor
Ash Thorp Art Director
Derek Crosby Rigger
Michael Lori Data Integration
Jon Aghassian Data Integration
Jesse James Data Integration
Carlos Pedroza Animator, Previs Artist
John Niehuss Digital Artist
Daniel Buck Digital Artist
Keith weilmuester Roto Artist
Marlan Harris Roto Artist
Dawrath Phoue Roto Artist
Eric Ebeling FX Artist
Dennis Blakey FX Artist
Kurt Lawson Nuke Compositor
Kevin Bouchez Nuke Compositor
Guatama Murcho Nuke Compositor
Jeff Heusser Flame Artist

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