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Monday, April 2, 2012

Video | Full CGI Peugeot 308 Ad | Breakdowns

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A New TV Ad for Peugeot 308 . Watch the complete Ad, then later below check out the amazing full CG ad Breakdowns.

Here is the Breakdown of the AD Peugeot 308


STEADY | in lab ended production of Sponsoring Commercial Argentina Cup Tennis for Peugeot 308.
The spot was made ​​100% in CGI.

Technical Data:

Client: Peugeot Citro├źn Argentina
Product: 308
Length: 20 "
Type: Commercial
CG Director: Ezequiel Zanoni
Studio: STEADY | in lab

More about STEADY | in lab

Interactive Media
In STEADY | Interactive in lab think a step ahead of the interaction 2.0. Experiencing all the possibilities of
communication where creativity and technology are key to developing our behavior-based experiences
user as a basis for the evolution of online advertising, viral campaigns, games and strategic outlets.

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