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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Epic Effects | Battle for NYC | ILM

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Industrial Light and Magic has pulled out all the stops for the mind blowing visual effects of The Avengers. ILM, created New York, in full CG, as it was hard to shoot in the Biggest city in the world and with the action scenes .

Jeff White,  visual effects supervisor for ILM, takes us through the video.

Most of this destructive battle was shot on the streets of Cleveland (which has less restrictive rules on pyrotechnics) and a green-screen stage in New Mexico.

ILM then combined these elements with detailed panoramic imagery of the buildings and streets surrounding the Viaduct.

Using techniques similar to Google’s Street View, ILM crews shot super-high-resolution, 360-degree images of the immediate area, first at 100 feet above ground level, and then hanging from rooftops.

Once these images were assembled in a virtual environment, additional elements were added to bring the scene to life:  animated cabs, drifting smoke and even computer-generated building interiors.

Simulated explosions, shattering windows and crumbling concrete were all rigged to react to the impact of the characters as they smash into and through the scenery.

Avengers Epic Effects | Battle for NYC | ILM

This video is by The Daily.

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