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Monday, May 14, 2012

Breakdowns | The Avengers | Luma Pictures | VFX

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Visual effects stronghold, Luma Pictures reunited with a familiar cast of characters on Marvel Studios highly anticipated "The Avengers." Having previously worked on "Captain America," and "Thor," Luma has developed a strong kinship with the Marvel Universe and jumped at the opportunity to add their unique brand of visual effects to the new film. Luma's work on "The Avengers" includes the creation and extension of the Helicarrier ship bridge during pivotal scenes, tornado effects and donning of Thor's mystical armor, and multiple exterior environments.

The bulk of Luma's work on "The Avengers" came in extending and enhancing the bridge of the Helicarrier, including environmental exteriors seen through the large forward windows. Production built out the first level of a large bridge set, complete with traditional monitors and some high-tech semi-transparent glass panel displays. Luma extended this first level upward to a second story of catwalks, added a ceiling, and continued structural components upwards. For much of the sequence, Luma added volumetric clouds and a full CG environment to the exterior seen through the ships sweeping glass hull. Read the Full post here.

Watch the VFX breakdowns for The Avengers by Luma Pictures. This video contains set extension, CG clouds and Monitor replacements.

Breakdowns | The Avengers | Luma Pictures | VFX

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