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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teaser | Natalis | Animated Short Film

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Natalis tells the story of the robot Ea, who is threatened by visions and fear of a devastating future. To avoid this, she has to decide about the life or death of the newborn baby creature, Enki.

Teaser | Natalis | Animated Short Film

Directed by
Daniel Brkovic
Jan-Marcel Kühn

Surfacing/Render Pipeline TD
Karsten Wagenknecht

Rigging TD/Animation Pipeline
Tom Ferstl

Effects TD
David Kirchner

Produced by
Philipp Wolf
Original Idea by
Felix Mertikat

Johannes Peter
Johannes Helberger

Sound design
Felipe Sanchez

Andreas Mühlschlegel

Linus Stetter
Tatiana Pushkarova
Letty Felgendreher
Daniel Brkovic
Jan-Marcel Kühn
Kyra Buschor

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