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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Allan McKay, visual effects R&D & Playblasts of Transformers 3

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Some of the many elements Allan McKay built for Transformers 3 - the entire production went on for 6 weeks start to finish for 4 shots.

Transformers 3 - visual effects R&D & Playblasts | Allan McKay

Allan McKay Said the below in his youtube video
This work is from 2010 I believe? I long long time ago!
FumeFX, Krakatoa, Particle Flow were the main tools used. And a little afterburn just for fun!

The building fly through shot, I created all of these elements and more within around 8 hours of jumping on the shot, so very fast turnaround last minute stuff, creating explosions, broken glass, fire, dust, floating paper and pretty much anything I could think of for the right side building.

Also Joel LeLievre did all the destruction elements for this which look killer! And he also did the entire building destruction on screen left. Killer teamwork combo on this shot!

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