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Friday, February 14, 2014

Animated Short Film | Tuzki: Love Assassin

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To mark Valentine’s Day, TurnOut Ventures premieres Love Assassin, a short animated film written and directed by Julian Frost, the creator of the viral sensation Dumb Ways to Die.
A darkly cute tale of foiled romance and contract assassinations starring Tuzki .

Animated Short Film | Tuzki: Love Assassin 

Written and directed by Julian Frost, best known for the massively viral animated short film and mobile game Dumb Ways to Die, originally commissioned by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia. The film's animation director, Eiji Abiko, has contributed to numerous popular anime with diverse styles and genres.

Love Assassin was produced by STUDIO4°C, a leading Japanese animation studio led by producer Eiko Tanaka and renowned for its energetic and cutting-edge productions, including the 2003 animated anthology The Animatrix, a tie-in to the Wachowsky Brothers' The Matrix film and its sequels.

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