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Sunday, April 8, 2012

New | RayFire Technical Demonstration


 RayFire got some updates coming up. Here is a video showing all the new Features the new Rayfire has in it and after something about the new feature

RayFire Technical Demonstration


  • NVidia PhysX Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface.Create dynamic simulations with THOUSANDS of objects. Objects Glueing. Supports Wind, PBombs, Gravity, and Drag space warps as additional influence forces. Ability to trigger simulation using mouse cursor by pulling or tipping over objects.
  • Exploding brick construction with different glue properties.
  • Deformable\pointcached objects support. Mariner jumping through the wall.
  • Deformable\pointcached objects support. Mariner hit the corner of wall.
  • RayFire Tool | PhysX tests by Brandon Riza.
  • PhysX Rigid Body animation with Wind space warp support.
  • Interactive Demolition System. Fast and easy way for smashing and crushing objects. Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength.
  • Column demolition.
  • Glass demolition with fast moving object.
  • Concrete bars demolition.
  • Explosions. Multiple bombs support. New RF_Bomb helper allows You to set up a lot of bombs with different explosion options. Also available four new explosion directions: Spherical, Cylindrical, Planar, and Cone. 
  • Voronoi fragmentation types. Three new fragmentation types based on Voronoi diagram: Uniform, Relative to Bomb\Impact point and By particle system.
  • Draw fragment mode. Fragment objects drawing strokes on screen in all supported views.
  • Fragmentation by Shapes. Also using new feature You able to create shapes from black and white maps.
  • Fragmentation relative to Bomb. Fragment object with more tiny fragments to point in space.
  • Fragmentation relative to Mouse. Fragment objects relative to mouse cursor position.
  • Fragmentation relative to object's Pivot Point.
  • Irregular fragmentation type.
  • Uniform fragmentation type.
  •  Continuous fragmentation type.
  •  Voronoi Radial fragmentation type.
  •  Wood splinters fragmentation type.

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