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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tutorial | How to Render a Car in Blender Cycles

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This tutorial by Jonathan Williamson will take you through the complete process needed to render the sleek sports car you see below. Using a provided, fully modeled sports car you will learn many tips and tricks for rendering in Cycles and for creating Cycles material shaders. This is an advanced tutorial but even intermediate users ought to be able to follow along if you pay close attention.
If you’re not already familiar with working in Cycles then we encourage you to check out our Introduction to the Cycles Render Engine:

You may also want to follow our Introduction to Texturing with Cycles:


What you’ll learn:

In this tutorial Jonathan will take you through how to set up the lighting using multiple mesh lights for full control, how to create each of the many shaders, including car paint, and finally how to composite the full together using the node compositor. Part 01 of this tutorial covers the initial lighting and many of the shaders. Part 02 will create the remaining shaders, finalize the lighting and perform all of the compositing.

To watch the Tutorial Please go to the following link, as we can`t upload video here

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